People always said I looked tired & over-worked. After trying many different products I had to just agree with them!

After using Wrinkle Venom I see a different person in the mirror! have been getting lots of comments from family and co workers that say I look healthier and younger.
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As reported on Fox News, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail!
From Fox News in the USA to the respected British Telegraph, one award winning breakthrough is big news. Why? Because in an extraordinary turn of events Hollywood stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore are turning their back on popular Botox injections and applying the wrinkle smoothing power of snake venom instead!

Who would have thought the secret to looking younger would be found in a venomous snake!
You can just imagine the scenario cant you! In rural Malaysia, 62 year old Samiro, (an old hand at rearing temple vipers) hadnt bothered to wear his protective mask for years. Then one day without warning one of his deadly flock bites Samiros left cheek. Samiro drops his slithery attacker and rushes to hospital in fear for his life. The anti-dote works and Samiro is back to his old self. There is just one difference the side of Samiros face that was bitten is now suddenly smooth and wrinkle-free!

The stuff of discovery legends?
Well perhaps
But now after years of scientific research by top cosmetologists, the Viper discovery is without doubt one of the most significant wrinkle breakthroughs of the decade. And it makes sense. The Temple Viper uses its venom to stun its prey. Sound familiar? Popular cosmetic injections have long been using a similar stunning effect to freeze wrinkles for years!

WINNER! Swiss Technology Award For Innovation!
It is not surprising then that the snake venom replica is such big news that it even won the esteemed Swiss technology award for innovation.

And some eminent scientists agree. The British Telegraph reported Dr Aamer Khan, medical director of the Harley Street Skin Clinic commented that the snake replica could indeed work for somebody who doesnt want injections.

And there have been some very convincing scientific trials that prove it!
One important trial showed a 52% reduction in deep forehead wrinkles in just 28 days. But it was the invitro micro-examination that was truly astounding showing the snake venom replica was actually able to reduce expression contractions with an immediate effect of 82% in the first 2 hours!

Becomes biggest selling wrinkle cream in Selfridges
But of course its not the celebrities, medical opinions or even the scientific studies that tell us most about a wrinkle breakthroughs significance but rather the ordinary women who vote with their wallets. When Selfridges in London launched one cream containing the ingredient the staff said it was the best selling premium skincare product reported The Daily Mail September 2008.

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But as it launches in Australia through the aptly named Wrinkle Venom we dont even have to wait to see the results. In what might be a marketing first the makers of Wrinkle Venom are letting the initial wave of customers try the world class ingredient for free.

'This is such an incredible approach to smoothing wrinkles we just know once some people see the results it will create the same frenzy of excitement that it has overseas' explains Marketing Executive, Tara Hill.

And its already happening!
'When word of Wrinkle Venom leaked out prior to the launch, our company was overwhelmed with response'.

One lucky Australian who has already tried Wrinkle Venom is Kate Mulic from Matraville. Sceptical at first Kate was surprised when she saw an effect in less than an hour, 'My face is not frozen like injections but my frown lines are definitely less obvious I cant wait to see what happens over the next few weeks!' She said.

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